Her story is still being written! She has always known that she was created for a higher calling. Year after year, month after month, she yearns to be the woman she was created to be. As a little girl, she had so many dreams. She was filled with hope for the future. Every given day, she imagined what her life would be like and the woman she would grow to become. With her minds-eye, she saw herself emerging as an influential voice in the society, a renowned connoisseur in her field building successful businesses and mentoring her predecessors. It was all so clear, she would be fearless and maintain a high standard in all areas of her life; family, career, faith. She would settle for nothing less than the best. She would be greatly admired and great men would call her great.

However, in the midst of daydreaming, life happened. Its challenges snapped her back to reality. Fear crept in and she began to doubt everything. She stopped feeling self assured and allowed disappointment, hurt and failures affect her self esteem. Slowly, the picture of greatness that was ever so present in her mind started to fade. She began to settle, she began to listen to naysayers. She stopped feeling special and her self esteem began to plummet. She stopped seeing what she could do and started seeing what she couldn’t. She led herself to believe that maybe if she was a different nationality, had family connections, had a six figure job, just maybe things would¬†¬†have been easier. Severally, she tried thinking differently and believing in her greatness but that was always short lived. She would fall back to the pattern of being scared.. Deep down, she knew she could be much more. Every time she tried to push her greatness aside she feels an unrest.

Will i continue to wallow in mediocrity? She asks…. She realizes that she cannot continue to run away from her higher calling. Failure is inevitable as not failing means not having tried. Slowly, she is learning from her failures and not defining herself by them. She is peeling off the mask of fear that has covered her all these years and baring her heart. She is no longer scared to be vulnerable. She doesn’t care what the naysayers are saying anymore, she hears only the voice of greatness calling out. She believes she would create a legacy that would outlive her. Of course, she still has her fears but she keep pushing forward in spite of it. She is finally ready to grow into the lady she was meant to be. She is UNVEILING. She is ME! She is YOU!